Passionate Game Developer for over Ten Years.

About me

Co-founder of two game development studios; involved with all aspects of gameplay systems programming, technical art, and in-house tooling

10+ years of professional experience in technical & game design roles, consulting/leading projects both internally and for clients (indie studios, AAA companies)

Shipped 3 acclaimed commercial titles across mobile & PC platforms; won multiple local/national awards for game development throughout school career

black laptop computer beside controller on brown wooden surface
black laptop computer beside controller on brown wooden surface

Previous Work

Par For the Dungeon

Technical Director / Gameplay Engineer

Farm Punks

Engineering / Systems Design Lead


Game Design & Development Lead

Moonglow Bay

Porting & Optimization Consultant

Arrow Heads

Gameplay Engineer


  • Game Engines, such as Unity and Unreal

  • Programming Languages, such as C#, C++, and Javascript

  • Shader and VFX Development, both with handwritten and node-based systems

  • Launching products on Mobile, PC, and Console Platforms

  • Game Systems Design / Defining and Refining the Core Game Loop

  • Designing for Multiple Platforms and Monetization Models in Mind

  • Character, Controls, and Camera Centric Gameplay Design